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The thought of doing manual quotes feels like you’re stuck in a thunderstorm, right?

All you can do is sit and wait for the gloom and gruelling hard work…

But what if there was quoting software that helped you thrive through this thunderstorm?

Quoting software that turns the gloom and doom into an effortless, calm sunny day. Where you’re laying on the beach. Colourful, tasty (slightly overpriced) cocktail in hand – little umbrella included – and soft, soothing sand between your toes.

Living your best life.

Instead, here you are:

  • Digging through endless paperwork.
  • Double and triple checking quotes for mistakes.
  • Breaking into a nervous sweat.
  • Running out of time.
  • Scrambling to correct the tiny details before sending them to clients.
  • Doing everything to ensure the quotes are absolutely perfect.

They must be. Your business depends on it. And it’s always a hard, mad rush.

Cloud Quote’s Thunder Package is a new quoting software that’s the life-changing shortcut to stress-free, high-quality quoting for any growing sales business.

For R2500 per month x 12 months, you can:

  • Automate an unlimited number of quotes with a template of your choice.
  • Perform admin edits.
  • Generate reports.
  • Oversee sales metrics.
  • Build a direct, strong sales pipeline.
  • Enjoy speedy turnaround times.
  • Close deals faster.
  • Sell even more.

It improves your team’s sales performance from top to bottom. And lets you look, feel, and be as professional as ever.

Want to experience Cloud Quote’s ultimate business-boosting quoting software?

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(Your fancy ice-cold drink is waiting for you.)

Please note:

*Post-sale documentation including sign-off sheets will have an additional cost, based on the scope of work.

**Pricelist subscriptions are subject to taking the distributor once-off customisation charge.

Pricing includes ongoing support via our help desk for all typical system support and teething issues.

Any additional work required including automation and integration will be quoted based on the scope of work and at our prevailing hourly labour rates.

No annual license fees.

The monthly user license fee is based on unique users.

Standard & Premium Licenses can be taken together to suit your sales team’s requirements eg. 10 Standard License and 5 Premium Licenses.

All pricing excludes VAT.