Coming Soon: The Cloud Quote Companion App

We are nearing completion of the Cloud Quote Companion App and will soon be providing all our clients with a 30-day free trial! The app has been designed to complement our Windows-based solution by providing Client Management and other benefits to your Sales Teams.

How the Cloud Quote Companion App makes quoting easier:


Instant access to your Dashboard for quick viewing of Targets, Team Targets, Quote Approvals, Leads, and Closing Ratios.


Utilise the Memo function for setting Reminders, including Meetings, Emails, Phone Calls or Contract Reviews for contract upgrades. Load Activities such as Phone Calls, Meetings, Notes, Images, and Documents. Attach a Memo for review to all Quotes, Leads and Clients at any stage.

Quote Approvals

View and approve your Team’s quotes on the fly.


Receive and assign Leads, and navigate directly to leads based on location. Create your own Cold Call Leads on the road for follow up and review later.


Receive notifications for Approvals and Leads that require your attention. Sales Teams Target achievements will notify the Team.

Client Management

Create and maintain your company’s Client list as Admin. Assign Clients to specific Reps or leave unlocked to the entire Team. View Quotes, Activity, and Attachments loaded for each client. Navigate to and call Clients, and set Reminders, including Contract Reviews / Client upgrades.


View Quote PDFs and other documents which your Team have created out of Cloud Quote, such as Rental Agreements, Service Agreements, Order Forms, etc.

Additional information about the app

The Cloud Quote Companion App will provide additional features and benefits outside of the standard Windows-based version of Cloud Quote. It will be compatible with both Android and iOS. This will require a desktop version of Cloud Quote – it is not standalone! Management can then decide how many Mobile licenses are required and assign them to their Sales Teams accordingly. Version 2 of the app will see additional features, including Quoting! 

For more information, feel free to reach out to the Cloud Quote team.

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