The features and benefits of the software solution system impact the key users uniquely, as itemised below:

Cloud Quote improves your clients’ experience with your business:

  • It’s accurate: The quantitative elements are calculated with guaranteed precision.
  • It’s itemised with a precise configuration and specification schedule.
  • It’s fast: Cloud Quote makes quoting almost instant.

Exceptional sales management for the whole team:

  • Managing pipelines is simple and effective thanks to our quick update features.
  • Our interface is easy to use, any sales rep can master it within minutes.
  • Quick access to video tutorials for guidance make our interface “dummy-proof”.
  • Manage more sales in the same daily hours.
  • Cloud Quote’s software solution system is a simple drag and drop process, coupled with automation for instant quoting.
  • We guarantee the accuracy of quantitative fields.
  • Automation is a breeze: Quotes are automatically added to reps’ pipelines when they’re generated.
  • A real-time dashboard provides an immediate overview of commission status.

Simplified management

  • Plan your marketing for improved ROI. Cloud Quote’s software solution provides detailed insights into the source of your leads for easy analysis.
  • Newbies will love this interface – it’s super easy to navigate.
  • Encrypted communication ensures data integrity and security.
  • Reassign a quote to a different rep instantly for easy workflow management if a rep leaves you.
  • Reduce your Cost To Quote both in time saved and financial output.
  • Instant access to every quote ever generated in the system.
  • Rapid reporting (GP, Forecasting, Leads and Geographical reports as standard) as well as pipeline generation and upkeep.
  • Guaranteed accuracy of the content and financial elements.
  • The product, pricing and rate changes are immediately superseded and relayed to all users
  • Keep your logo and corporate touches consistent across all paperwork, thanks to our template systems.

Streamlined admin and sales support:

  • System-generated sign-off sheets enable accurate stock ordering for better management.
  • Save time thanks to the smart systems and automation allow the team to focus on client services and income generation.
  • Cut the correction process! Our product hierarchies eliminate user error by ONLY selecting compatible mainframes and accessories and automatically pricing each.
  • Quick and simple uploading with the concurrent distribution of the product, pricing or rate changes onto the server by the administrator. It is instantly available to sales staff upon their next login.
  • Pricelists can be created and distributed by Head Office or a supplier to their reseller network. This, in turn, provides the reseller with instant access to product and pricing updates by subscribing to their price list. Resellers can subscribe to multiple price lists from various distributors or suppliers, further empowering sales teams with instant access to their products (and simplified ‘drag and drop’ quoting).


Customisation Charge

Option 1: Standard SME

R2 000 x 12 months


R20 000 once off


· Bespoke Quote Template Replication
· Initial Capture of Products & Pricing
· Price calculation logic and application into both Cloud Quote and the Quote Template
· The initial capture of users and respective user rights
· 2 Hours of Training (onsite in SA, otherwise remotely).

Option 2: Distributor

R4 500 x 12 months


R45 000 once off


· Bespoke Quote Template Replication
· Initial Capture of Products & Pricing
· Price calculation logic and application into both Cloud Quote and the Quote Template
· The initial capture of users and respective user rights
· 5 x 2 Hour slots of Training (onsite in SA, otherwise remotely)
· Create price-list subscriptions for the Dealer Channel

Monthly user license (Per user)

5 – 10 users
R350.00 per user
11 – 20 users
R325.00 per user
21 – 50 users
R300.00 per user
51 – 100 users
R275.00 per user
100+ users
R250.00 per user

Please note:

*Post-sale documentation including sign-off sheets will have an additional cost, based on the scope of work.

**Pricelist subscriptions are subject to taking the distributor once-off customisation charge.

Pricing includes ongoing support via our help desk for all typical system support and teething issues.

Any additional work required including automation and integration will be quoted based on the scope of work and at our prevailing hourly labour rates.

No annual license fees.

The monthly user license fee is based on unique users.

Standard & Premium Licenses can be taken together to suit your sales team’s requirements eg. 10 Standard License and 5 Premium Licenses.

All pricing excludes VAT.