Software upgrades: Turning things up in 2020

We have reached the halfway mark of 2020, and as you’ve come to expect, Cloud Quote continues to evolve and improve. Our latest software upgrades will make your quoting experience even more seamless. And our list of future improvements promises better user experience than ever before.

software upgrades

Our latest software upgrades

New features:

1. Ability to save images with accessories

You can now add images, not only to the main product, but to accessory items as well. A perfect example of this is PABX or VBX products which have different telephone handset options that a rep may want to show in a quote. Although the feature is available in Cloud Quote, you will need to contact us should you want your quote template updated to include the additional images. And the quoting will be for time and labour cost by the Cloud Quote team.

2. Custom fields 

Rather than adding delivery fees, document fees, or installation costs to the base price of a product or its accessories, you can now choose custom fields to increase either the base or selling price. This, in turn, can show separately in the quote, if required, or in other documentation, like order sheets or delivery notes.

3. Dashboard refresh button

Items within a user’s dashboard refresh every few minutes. These include leads, approvals, news feed, and targets. However, the user can now force an early refresh of the entire dashboard by clicking on the “Refresh” button.

4. Quote approval email sent to the rep

Previously, we would only notify the manager or team leader when a rep required quote approval. As part of our new software upgrades, we now follow up on this process by notifying the rep too, communicating quote approval or rejection by the manager. This, coupled with the “Refresh” button on the dashboard will assist you in avoiding unnecessary delays in the finalisation and presentation of quotes to the client.

software upgrades

System enhancements:

  • We have improved Product Tree View. If created correctly by the administrator, it will now allow for product groups and subcategories, which can be easily identified by the reps.
  • When exiting and reopening Cloud Quote, your dashboard and pipeline settings will reopen as they were at the end of your last session. This is also the case when switching between “Group” or “Tree View” whilst quoting. 
  • When saving a quote or document to PDF, the file name will now include the document name as the prefix of the file, followed by the quote number. For example, if the document is “Quote” and the number is Q00120, the filename by default will be  “Quote-Q00120”. This software upgrade comes in handy, particularly when creating Rental Agreements, Service Agreements, and other documentation other than quotes.
  • The quote tab now has faster performance. This becomes especially useful when quoting on larger products with many levels, as well as when creating “Custom Products”.
  • The username is now shown in the pipeline for manager and team leader approval.
  • Security and Target windows now automatically refresh without requiring a manual refresh.
  • The new quote versioning system allows for better support for offline mode.

Upcoming software upgrades (within the next 12 months)

1. Client List

Cloud Quote future software upgrades will allow the for the importing, assigning, and reassigning of clients to reps and teams, which will in turn only be visible to them. Reps will then be able to mark off other activities they might have done for a client. This would include phone calls, client meetings, and emails, together with any notes they might want loaded on a client. The upgrade will provide basic CRM functionality for reps within their dashboard, and provide metrics and reporting on these activities for management.

2. Reminders

The addition of reminders on the user’s dashboard will further add to the basic CRM functionality of our platform. The intention of this upgrade is to improve the experience of our clients who use Cloud Quote for uncomplicated, elementary CRM functions. We have the ability to send data from the Cloud Quote API into CRM or via third-party workflow systems, like Zapier, for clients that have complex CRM structures in place.

3. App development

We are currently updating and building on our API, which will form the framework of the data sent and received via our app. Once finalised, the user-interface development phase will commence. The idea behind the initial app is to provide managers and reps with instant access to their individual or team’s pipeline, client lists, reminders, target, and quote approvals. As the app is further developed, we will add quoting and digital signatures, creating a seamless quoting and selling process via mobile device.

We will offer the app as an optional Cloud Quote add-on to all our existing clients at a special introductory price. For those that are happy to stick with Cloud Quote as a Windows-based application only, the user license will remain unchanged. But for clients with reps in the field, the additional features and benefits provided by the app will be a welcomed addition.

Take advantage of Cloud Quote’s software upgrades

Our software experts are constantly looking for ways to improve upon our system, so we can provide you with the best quoting experience possible. We trust that you will explore our many current and future software upgrades. And take full advantage of all that Cloud Quote has to offer your business in the second half of 2020 (and beyond!).

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