New and improved quoting software updates

Many of the programs we use and the devices in our pockets contain many more features than we are actually aware of. Similar to the suggestion made by scientists that we only use a fraction of our brains, what if our favourite software platforms have loads of features that could further optimise our time and streamline our workflows? Would you want to know what those features are? Of course.

It’s imperative for any software platform to grow and improve. While Cloud Quote’s system is completely unique and designed to simplify every aspect of quoting, we managed to find ways to improve it!

Get ready to love your favourite quoting software program even more:

  • We’ve made it faster for you to list quotes to open
  • We’ve added keyboard shortcuts for moving accessories – for example; dragging and dropping children onto parents in ‘Package Admin’ is now effortless. You can highlight an accessory and [ctrl] right or left to change the level of the accessory.
  • Now you’ve got themes to choose from! Customise your Cloud Quote look and feel by choosing a “Crystal” or “Fluent” theme.
  • We have introduced image transparency support for products – Previously product and resource images didn’t support transparent backgrounds, they would always show with a white/black background in place of any transparency. Now you can load an image with a transparent background, and it works fine, also showing correctly on the quote PDFs.
  • Our new quote layout is designed specifically to support Monthly/Once off prices. This allows you to capture and quoting on these product types. You can also override these prices if permission is granted to the user.
  • We made some changes to the physical address coordinates lookup feature. The results you see will now prioritise the region you are currently in.
  • Our improved call sheet now has some Accept/Reject options.
  • Cloud Quote now allows resyncing across logins on different computers – previously when a user logged in with the same user profile on different machines they would need to do a full resync in order to receive any updated product/pricing changes. This is now done automatically, eliminating potential discrepancies.
  • Configuration workbooks are now maintained across sessions – This makes editing existing quotes, where a config was used, A LOT easier! No need to redo the config provided the file is still available in the Temp Folder. Also, if a rep needs to quote the same product config to different clients, they now no longer need to “Resync” as a unique temporary file is created in each instance.

Cloud Quote’s software updates (they’re finally here!)

Now that you’re caught up with the latest updates Cloud Quote can offer you, consider what’s around the corner. While you enjoy these newly updated features, we’re working in the background to bring you more exciting improvements. Every improvement we make is designed to optimise your quoting process by making it easier, faster, more efficient, and more customisable.

Create different Teams with respective managers

This will allow managers to view only their Team’s reports and quotes. Permission can be granted to view all quotes to certain individuals regardless of whether they form part of a team or not. Team Targets can then be created and will be added to a user’s dashboard allowing for quick visibility and updates on another Teams performance.

Versioning a Quote (Coming Soon)

Soon, a rep will be able to decide whether the quote is a new quote or another version of an existing quote. This will make it easier for both reps and managers to keep track of edited quotes.

Select your Quote approvals (Coming Soon)

Rep permissions will include whether they are able to do a quote with or without approval. That means that senior reps not requiring manager assistance can work unencumbered, whilst Juniors will require manager approval in order to generate a PDF for print or email. The idea is that a manager will receive email notification of a quote requiring approval and the rep, in turn, will receive an email notifying whether a quote has been approved or declined.

Customise your dashboard (Coming Soon)

We are working to provide you with a dashboard will have a degree of flexibility regarding size and position of pipeline, targets and news feed allowing users to change to suit their preferences

Did you hear about our newest software features? Get the details here.

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