Cloud Quote FAQ’s

What more can Cloud Quote offer?

Additionally, with Cloud Quote your organisation can automate and integrate your sales processes. This will reduce your cost to quote and cost to sell elements. Reduce manual and duplicated processes, improving your team’s productivity and efficiency through the whole deal cycle.

Can Cloud Quote be hosted on our own company server?

Yes. Although you can host with us at no charge, you have the option of making use of your own local or hosted server. It is, however, important to ensure that your backup systems are in place should you choose to do so.

Can Cloud Quote integrate with my CRM / Accounting system?

Should you choose to not make use of the Cloud Quote Premium License for Client Management, and prefer to Should you prefer to use your own third-party platform, we can send data to remote services via WebHooks or receive data through our REST API. Using a service like Zapier, Cloud Quote can integrate with over 1,400 apps across the world. Bespoke integrations are also possible within applications outside of the Zapier framework. Contact us to find out more, bearing in mind that the scope of work for any integration would depend on the appropriate time or labour cost quoted.

How long does it take to implement the software?

A key benefit of our solution is the customisation we provide to each new client. Bespoke template design, product and price inputs, deal configuration and calculation logic will typically happen within two to three weeks from order, followed by training and handover. After which there is usually a week or two of testing and teething by your users. On average, your company will be ready to quote out of Cloud Quote within four weeks from order.

Is support included in the monthly user license?

 Yes, it is. If there are no changes to the initial requested configuration or quote templates, then support is free of charge. If not, these will be quoted based on our labour rates. The same goes for integration or automation outside of the initial customisation charges. Send your queries to to get in touch with us.

Can I use Cloud Quote on my Mac, or mobile device?

Cloud Quote is a Windows-based application which requires a Windows OS to install and run. However, the Cloud Quote premium license provides access to our companion App, which works on Android or iOS devices.
Version 1 of this App is available, with specific client management, pipeline and dashboard management. Quoting functionality will be included in a later release of the App.

What is the minimum specification for Cloud Quote to run on my device?

Windows 7 and up, i3 Processor (i5 recommended) with 4GB RAM (8GB recommended).

Can I run Cloud Quote in an offline mode?

Yes, you can create an “offline” quote with an “offline” quote number in the event of not having internet connectivity. This is provided the administrator has given you access to do so. When you do have connectivity again the “offline” quote will get the next available quote number.

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Please note:

*Post-sale documentation including sign-off sheets will have an additional cost, based on the scope of work.

**Pricelist subscriptions are subject to taking the distributor once-off customisation charge.

Pricing includes ongoing support via our help desk for all typical system support and teething issues.

Any additional work required including automation and integration will be quoted based on the scope of work and at our prevailing hourly labour rates.

No annual license fees.

The monthly user license fee is based on unique users.

Standard & Premium Licenses can be taken together to suit your sales team’s requirements eg. 10 Standard License and 5 Premium Licenses.

All pricing excludes VAT.