“There is a way to do it better – find it.”

– Thomas Edison

About Cloud Quote Africa:

Cloud Quote is the quoting software developed to streamline, personalise and speed up the quoting and sales process for your business. 

Developed and refined over many years, Cloud Quote has evolved into a customisable and on-the-go software solution.  Since 2012 – the official launch of the software – we have provided our personalised sales software solution for a wide range of South African and African companies and their sales teams. 

Our team serves key industries like office automation, telecommunication, security & access control, IT hardware and many more. As a personalised software offering, Cloud Quote provides sales teams with:

Cloud-based data storage

Easily access important data, stored securely on the cloud.

An on-the-go companion APP

Wherever you are, use our mobile companion app for on-the-go CRM access, client data, lead information, reminders and more!

Quick onboarding and training

Enjoy fast setup to get your sales team started.

Automated and integrated workflows

Streamline and transform your processes with an automated workflow made specifically for your team.

We’re reaching for the sky

We continuously update and improve our systems to meet our clients’ bespoke requirements.
Upgrades to our software platform are free, unlike other platforms.

However, our development team will provide expert advice and implementation if your business requires extensive development and integration into existing platforms.

Did You Know?

Once Cloud Quote has improved your company’s quoting and sales process, automation and integration this will further reduce your Cost To Quote and Cost To Sell elements.

Increase productivity, grow team efficiency, and get more time to sell.

Have questions or want to know more about Cloud Quote?

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Please note:

*Post-sale documentation including sign-off sheets will have an additional cost, based on the scope of work.

**Pricelist subscriptions are subject to taking the distributor once-off customisation charge.

Pricing includes ongoing support via our help desk for all typical system support and teething issues.

Any additional work required including automation and integration will be quoted based on the scope of work and at our prevailing hourly labour rates.

No annual license fees.

The monthly user license fee is based on unique users.

Standard & Premium Licenses can be taken together to suit your sales team’s requirements eg. 10 Standard License and 5 Premium Licenses.

All pricing excludes VAT.